Everyone has experience this. Being hungry for several reasons which in the end leave us in a lousy mood and almost unbearable for those around us. This is because there is a justification for us being cranky from lack of food.

Well I will not limit to explain to the obvious fact that if we do not eat we put ourselves in a bad mood, because I want to explain what happens in our brain to react in this way. Even through this we can understand the behavior of many people that seemed very grumpy and altered.

Cranky from lack of food

It turns out that glucose is the main source of energy for cells and this is obtained naturally in fruits and vegetables, but if you’re in the supermarket and see products packed with glucose don’t make the mistake to buy them, because that glucose is synthesized and processed which in other words means that is not good for your health.

When you do not eat, your body does not get enough blood glucose and as a result your brain begins to receive various types of signals. The first is summarized as an empty stomach produces a feeling of anger and annoyance.

To explain this consequence you must know that any violent and aggressive behavior depends on our ability to self-control. This means that a person unable to have self-control is much easier to be angry. But it turns out that self-control consumes much glucose in the brain, which means that if you do not eat you will not have the necessary amount of glucose you need to have self-control.

Because of this, the research concludes with the statement “The lack of glucose and poor metabolism of glucose are related to aggression and violence.”

Well there you have that is the science of being cranky from lack of food, although the journal Medical News Today explains it better this way:

“Our bodies break down food to make glucose, which helps the brain function. A simple shortage of this essential sugar (like when you haven’t eating in the past, say, eight hours) can hamper the brain’s ability to exercise self-control, one study suggests.”

And it turns out that’s not all that happens. Foodtrainers founder, Lauren Slayton, MS, RD, states:

“The body tries to compensate when blood glucose decreases by releasing certain hormones.”

Here Laurel is referring to hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that increase the aggressiveness of people, so the lack of self-control was not the only reason for being cranky from lack of food.

In conclusion I want to mention other problems that you can have if you don’t eat, but they are quite obvious when you consider that the brain needs energy that comes from glucose. The first is fatigue and the second is the problem of concentration. That is why nutrition is important for students, for only with a good diet they can meet their academic obligations.

“A genuine need to increase blood glucose is not necessarily associated with a grumbling stomach.” – Lauren Slayton

To keep your energy levels I recommend fiber and vegetable protein that keep you energized more longer. You can also check this [nutritional plan] for other options that can help you.