We all had been through hard times on our finances and that’s why is so important to know how to eat healthy on a budget.


Sarah from [Personal Income] reach to me and said that she created an infographic about how to eat healthier with a tied budget so firstly I’m gonna share it with you but then I’m gonna review each point.

Eat healthy on a budget



Infographic from [Personal Income] | Eat Healthy on a Budget

So let’s start with the review.

1. Buy whole foods

Definitely, this is one of the most important. It is cheaper and so much healthier. Always buy fresh and natural products. If you think that those are expensive you haven’t search properly.

2. Buy cheaper cuts of meat

I don’t recommend to consume meat, at least not like the mean dish. But if you’re so used to eat meat or maybe if it’s for your family then it is better to buy bigger portions –which are cheaper– and to save them in the fridge, also to make it healthier don’t forget to eat twice the portion in veggies and to cook meat in grills or cook meat under vacuum since those retain more nutrients in the meat.

3. Prepare your own food

This will be always cheaper, even if you think it doesn’t.  The reason is that the ingredients will last for several meals and the healthy part is that you will have control of what you eat so you can avoid eaten harmful ingredients.

4. Stick to your grocery list

In this way, you can avoid buying cravings and something that isn’t worthy. You’ll protect your health and your finances. Also, when you eat a fruit before going to a market that will influence your mind so you’ll tend to buy healthier things.

5. Plan your meals

Planning will always save you money. For example, there are seasons for each whole food. When you know that, it will help you to buy cheaper but high-quality food (in season).

6. Buy frozen fruits and veggies

I don’t recommend you to eat frozen foods, but if you’re on a tied budget then I prefer that you buy frozen fruits and veggies than to buy frozen pizza.

7. Buy generic foods

Sometimes those generic foods are much healthier too. So search in your local markets.

8. Buy in bulk

But not canned foods, try fresh and natural foods which can also induce you to eat healthier and try new recipes.


I really liked those tips, so is time to start the hard part: Apply it.


Thanks to Sarah for the infographic, support her work in [Personal Income].

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