is a website where you can make your own lunch with the ingredients you like and even you can schedule it for delivery.

This is a new company started by Andrés Leguizamón and Gustavo Casasbuenas, so here is my interview with Andrés.

¿How started?

It’s hard to find food on the night, even if you live in Chapinero, because in Chapinero you can get a lot of things during the day but not at night. At night there’s no good food. So I had to be working at 11p.m. having only pizza.

Sometimes I want meat, others chicken with mashed potatoes but the mashed potatoes are not included with that. So not always I can eat what I want.

The solution for that is the online platform.

On december of 2014 I decided to develop a delivery and in february of 2015 we started working on the idea and it took us a whole year to get the website.

¿How can I order my lunch?

There’s a link to “arma tu plato” so you can make your own lunch. The idea of making your plate is about protein and the idea of making your bowl is about the base. The plate is more easier since you have to pick the protein like chicken, then the sauce, then the carbohydrates like mashed potatoes and then the salad. This is the first step.

The second step is about toppings and also soups.

The third step, you can choose additional soups if you wish.

The fourth step, the application ask for your address and the time you want it.

If what you want is to schedule your order for other day, you just need to go to “programa tu orden” and then you can do all the steps above.

¿What’s the difference between bowl and plate?

Carbohydrates, the plates have carbohydrates and bowls don’t. Other differences less obvious but important is that the plate have the salad ready. Meanwhile in the bowl you have more freedom to pick the salad that you want.

The plate is more traditional.

¿Where do you deliver?

In Chapinero from 26 to 100 st.

¿How does plans work?

It’s a better price in case you want to buy lunch for more than one day. If you buy a 20 lunch pack then you have 60 days to schedule them.

There’re also some Step Ahead plans where you can buy a moth plan on gym with 20 plates.

¿What’s the most popular ingredient?

It’s Quinoa.

¿What do you recommend for someone who wants to eat healthy?

It depends on what are your goals because I cannot recommend you to eat plates if you want to stop eating carbohydrates. If you want to be a fit person then I recommend you a bowl.

¿Beside payment on delivery can we pay with credit cards?

For now we are accepting credit cards on our website with amounts bigger than 60.000 pesos, but we are looking out how to low that amount.

Alimentario Vision

There’s space in Bogotá for someone, and we believe it’s us, that could offer in Bogotá the option to control your food and so that you can take it as far as you want.

I liked to talk with Andrés, he told me a lot of interesting things they’re thinking to do. I think it’s a great project that’s worth trying and sharing.

Here I leave you their info so you can enjoy it:

Website | Bogotá, Chapinero | 255 71 33 | 305 744 67 72

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