In the world there’s a lot of skincare products and even more for beauty in general, the big problem with this is that these are products based on chemicals which produce side effects that I’m sure you don’t want.

When we buy one of this products we usually have the idea of a magical product since we expect to have prompt benefits. The truth is that those aren’t magical products and even those products are worst than natural options.

– Skincare products are affecting the health of millions –

Skincare products

¿What causes skin problems?

To start, a poor nutrition can produce a lot of toxins inside of our body and at the same time our digestive system can have a hard time digesting that kind of food. For this the body expel the toxins through our skin. When the body expel the toxins through the skin every time then it starts to appear several skin problems like acne and even eczema.

The main problem

This skincare products stop the natural body reply of expelling toxins through the skin, so all those toxins stays inside the body making damage in the several organs. It’s clear that this is worst since it can produce a lot of diseases that can be lethal through time.

A better decision

If you have a healthy diet you could improve the look of your skin and in this way you won’t need skincare products anymore. And what is even better is that you would avoid a lot of health problems.

Considering this, I recommend you to follow this [nutritional plan] focused on improving your health and the look of your skin.

Also, since beauty products have a lot of chemicals even in a toothpaste, I have created this new section in this website to talk about natural and secure alternatives that you can try. All related to beauty topics.

If you have some doubts or questions, just leave it at the comments and I will be answering them.